Questions and answers about template design services with Escortworx

What is a template design?

A Template design is not considered a custom design as other people will be able to order the exact same template & style options, although there are some fully custom design elements included (like the logo).

What changes are included?


The basic template fee includes the following changes:

  • Logo & Tagline:
    Your name and subheadings
  • Design Photos:
    Photos embedded within the design on each page
  • Sitemap:
    We will set up to 6 pages for you. Additional pages can be added at an additional fee of $20 per page.
  • Mobile Site:
    Your website includes a mobile version that is customized to match your main site colors & logo.
  • Custom Color Palette:
    You can pick any color you like for your website however we recommend that your main image reflects the same color.


What changes are NOT included?

The following types of changes would require additional fees:

  • Layout Changes:
    Changing the structure, layout or positioning of main design blocks would require additional development that is charged at $25/hour.
  • Custom Background Accents/Patterns:
    Design accents or background patterns are restricted to the template options you see in the template demo or compatible graphics that you provide with your website materials.
  • No Custom Entrance Page:
    Template sites don’t include a custom designed entrance page.  The disclaimer can be set up on a separate page, but it would use the same design as the rest of the site. If you would like a custom designed landing page, the additional development time would be charged at $25/hour (2hr estimate)
How many revisions do I get?

Templates include up to 15 hours time for development, which generally leaves enough room for two to three revisions on each customization. If you paid extra for a custom color palette or another non-standard customization, additional hours are added to the total hours included.

How long until the website is live?

The exact amount of time varies as it depends on revision requests, response times, delivery of materials and customization requests. We will do our best to have your website fully developed & set up within 2-5 days.

What templates do you have available?

Please feel free to have a look at our Independent templates and  Agency templates. Then simply order the one you like.

What if I need to cancel?

Regrettably, due to the faster scheduling & development turnaround on template designs, template orders are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND. However, if a cancellation is necessary, we are happy to apply your payment toward any future order that’s made within three months of your original payment.