Questions and answers about custom design services with Escortworx

How much is a custom web design?

Custom designs for Independent Escorts $350

Custom design for Escort Agencies $1200

50% deposit is required

What is a custom design website?

Custom designs are built from scratch. You choose whatever colors, fonts, layout & graphical elements you want. Although custom designs can end up with similar looking layouts due to a finite number of layout variations possible, the base graphics are entirely unique. The design is built entirely to your specification and is intended for those who don’t mind paying a premium for a completely unique design.

How long does development take?

Custom designs built from scratch take significantly longer to create than Template designs, which already have the layout code developed. Although it varies depending on the type of design and the number of revisions we do, custom designs built from scratch generally aren’t ready to launch for at least 3 weeks from our start date. That includes the initial design stage, revisions based on your feedback, development and final testing.

Why such a long period for custom designs?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into the design of a custom design. Should you need a website quickly, kindly consider one of our Template designs and order non-standard customizations to give it more of a custom and unique look.

How many revisions do I get?

Custom designs have no limit on the number of revisions that can be done. However, all work must be completed within the 50 hours of total development time. If more time is needed to finish development, those additional hours will be logged and added to your final invoice at a cost of $25 p/hour.

When do you need my photos?

We require your photos before we can start development on a custom design as photos have a huge impact on how we create the custom base graphics.

Anything else I need to know?

To ensure a professional and elite looking website, high-quality photos are required.

Feel free to make use of our Photo Enhancement services.